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Our mission is to create an inclusive, body positive environment while delivering the highest quality customer service

A Letter From
Our Owner

As a young girl I never really knew where my future was going to take me. This is better than I could have ever imagined. I came into my profession in my mid twenties, after years of working in the service industry. I just love people. The beauty industry was always something that I was passionate about, and I finally took the jump at the age of 24. 

Zanella’s was the only place I wanted to work when I was graduating school, I just had a feeling about this place. I got the job. I loved the fast paced environment of waxing, the real connection you could make with your clients. I hit the ground running in this new career path and I have loved every second of it since. 

Becoming the owner of this business was, and continues to be, my biggest accomplishment in life. Zanella’s is my passion, my baby, the place I happily spend most of my time. This endeavor has pushed me to grow as a woman, a wife, a business owner, and a boss. 

My goal is to create a safe space, a welcoming environment, a place where you can feel free to be 100% of who you are. That is what I think life is all about - being yourself, and having people love you for it. 

I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve, and to be apart of the growth of Baton Rouge. 


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Learn more about our team of Estheticians that make Zanella's so special.

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Brooke Trobaugh


I always knew I wanted to work in the beauty industry after growing up in my mother’s salon. I’ve always been able to connect with people easily and knew I could make a difference with just a listening ear and making people feel confident and beautiful.

"I love how confident waxing makes people feel immediately after service!"
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Karley Brown


My grandmother took me to a spa for my birthday one time and I loved how serene it felt. I told her that day I was going to work in a spa. So, when it came time to start looking for things to do after high school, my cousin asked me if I wanted to go to esthetics school with her. It just felt right.

"I love that waxing is fast paced and gives you instant results!"
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Peter Dorsey


Husband and co-owner of Zanellas, Peter loves being a part of positive change in the Baton Rouge Community!


Zanella’s Wax Bar was founded by Erica Zanella in 2006. She noticed a gap in the Baton Rouge beauty industry, and successfully filled it as the first salon to provide waxing only services in the area. 


Haley and Peter Dorsey became the proud owners of Zanella’s in February of 2021. After working side by side, for many years, Erica was confident that Haley was the right person to bring new life into the business, and continue it’s success for many years to come.


Honesty:  We believe that honesty is the best policy. It is the root of everything. 


Empowerment: We believe that empowered people are the key to a vibrant future. 


Connection: We believe that we are connected. That in every human interaction, we have the power to create an extraordinary world.  


Grace: We believe that everyone is deserving of grace. Simple decency, and kindness can transform any interaction. 


Teamwork: We believe that with teamwork, we are able provide the best environment for ourselves and our clients. Mutual goals, cooperation and encouragement provide workplace synergy. 

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